14. Metals

1.Which statement about the metal, ions, lead, and copper is correct?

2. A large volume of copper II sulfate solution is left in an iron container overnight. Which statement describes what happens?

3. Scrap iron is often recycled. Which reason for recycling is not correct?

4. The table shows the result of adding weighted pieces of iron to solutions M and S.
Solution The initial mass of iron/g Mass of iron after 15 minutes/g
M 5 4
S 5 4
What could the aqueous solution M and S have been?
A Copper II sulfate Silver nitrate
B Dilute hydrochloric acid Sodium chloride
C iron II chloride calcium chloride
D Magnesium chloride Dilute sulfuric acid

5. During the manufacturer of iron, which is the main producing gas in the middle of the furnace?

6. Which metal attached to an iron pipe immersed in seawater, would prevent rusting of the iron?

7. High carbon steel is used in manufacturing processes. Which properties does high carbon steel have?
  1. It is brittle.
  2. It is malleable
  3. It is soft
  4. It is strong

8. In the manufacturer of iron by the blast furnace, which are the main gases that escape from the top of the blast furnaces?

9. Which metal should be used in the sacrificial protection of the hull of the boat made from iron?

10. A coil of clear copper wire is suspended in a a beaker of of aqueous silver nitrate. Crystals of silver are deposited on the copper wire. Which statement is not correct?

11. The diagram shows an experiment to produce and collect hydrogen. What is R?  

12. Which compound does not give off a gas when heated?

13. Which substance react with water to form a soluble compound and in an insoluble gas?

14. Which metal will displace hydrogen from an aqueous solution of acids but not from cold water?

15. Four test tubes were set up as shown. Age pace of iron was protected on one side by a different coating. In which test tube is the iron least likely to rust?  

16. Metal X is more reactive than metal Y which is more reactive than metal Z. The sulfate of X and Z are colorless; the sulfate of Y is blue. Which observation is correct.
Metal Added to the solution of sulfate Solution of sulfate Color Change
A X Y  Blue to Colorless
B Y X Colorless to Blue
C Y Z Blue to Colorless
D Z Y blue to Colorless

17. In the experiment shown, steam is passed over a heated solid P, Gas Q is collected.   what are substances P and Q?
A Copper Hydrogen
B Lead Oxygen
C Silver Oxygen
D Zinc Hydrogen

18. Approximately 40% of all iron and steel is produced by recycling. 1. Iron coma when obtained by recycling process produces less carbon dioxide than the blast furnaces process 2. Scrap Steel contains a higher percentage of iron than iron ore. 3. Scrap metal, if not recycle, would cause environmental problems due to its disposal by landfill. Which statements are the correct reason for recycling iron?

19. Experiments to investigate the reactivity of three metals are shown. What is the correct order of reactivity for these three metals?
most Relative to Least Reactive
A chromium manganese nickel
B manganese chromium nickel
C manganese nickel chromium
D nickel chromium manganese

20. What will happen when a piece of copper is added to aqueous zinc sulphate?

21. Which substance is not an essential raw material in the extraction of iron in the blast furnace?

22. Metal X reacts rapidly with dilute hydrochloric acid. It can be used for sacrificial protection underwater pipes. Metal wire does not corrode easily. It can be used for jewellery. Metal Jet reacts rapidly with water to form hydrogen. Which method of extraction of the metal from their ores is most likely to be used?  
Electrolysis of molten ore Heating with carbon
A X and Y Z
B X and Z Y
C Y X and Z
D Z X and Y

23. Which pair of elements cannot be used to form an alloy?

24. In N experiment to find the order of reactivity of some metals, three metals X, Y, and Z were placed into four separate solutions containing aqueous metal ions. The results are shown in the table.
Metal Aqueous metal ion
W2+ X2+ Y2+ Z2+
X x
Y x x x x
Z x x
What is the order of reactivity of the metals?
Most Reactive Least Reactie

25. Which pair of reagents can be used to prepare hydrogen?

26. Which gases that go into the bottom of these blast furnaces undergo a reaction during the extraction of iron?
  1. Carbon dioxide
  2. Nitrogen
  3. Oxygen

27. Metal M can be obtained from its oxide by heating with carbon, and from its aqueous chloride buy electrolysis. Which metal is M?

28. Copper II oxide is reduced to copper as shown. The burner is then turned off but the hydrogen is kept flowing until the tube is cold. What is the main reason why the hydrogen is kept flowing?

29. Which metal carbonate melts on heating but does not decompose?

30. Which industrial process is an example of thermal decomposition?

31. Rubidium, Rb, is a group I element. Which method is most likely to be used in its extraction?

32. Magnesium is an alloy of aluminium (85%) and magnesium (15%). Some properties of magnalium are listed below. which property of magnalium is not a reason for its use in the construction of aircraft?

33. Two large pieces of iron are placed in water. In experiment 1, a small piece of copper is attached to the iron. In experiment 2, a small piece of magnesium is attached to the iron. Which are equations for the reaction that would take place in experiment 1 and experiment 2?

34. Student thinks that element Q is metal because it has a high melting point and high boiling point. What other properties could element Q if you have if it is a metal?
  1. Q conducts electricity when solid.
  2. Q forms an acidic oxide QO2
  3. Q is malleable

35. The diagram shows the arrangement of electrons in the atom's four different elements. Which element is the most reactive with water?

36. Which reaction is not a step in the production of iron from haematite in the blast furnaces?

37. Metal M is below copper in the reactivity series. Which raw correctly shows how metal M can be obtained from its oxide?
heating with carbon Heating with hydrogen

38. Three metal oxide each have the formula G2O3. Which statement about these oxides is correct?  

39. In the table, the first substance is added to the blast furnaces and the second substance is the main impurity in the iron formed. Which pair of substances is correct?
A substance added to the blast furnace The main impurity in the iron formed
A calcium oxide silica
B limestone carbon
C quicklime iron II oxide
D slaked lime iron II oxide

40. The carbonate of metal X and Y were heated in the air. The carbonate of metal X changed color from green to black when heated and carbon dioxide was given off. The carbonate of metal Y did not decompose. Which statement are correct?
  1. Metal X is more reactive than metal Y.
  2. Both metal carbonate would react with dilute nitric acid to form carbon dioxide.
  3. Metal X could be a transition element.

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