2. Classification of Materials

1. The scale below shows the hardness value of 5 substances, P to T. Which of the following statement is correct?

2. Mercury and iron are both classified as metals. At room temperature, mercury is a liquid and iron is a solid. Which of the following statement is not correct?

3. Chair is generally made of plastic instead of glass. Which statement best explain why plastic is not chosen over glass for this application?

4. Which of the following applications does not depend on the thermal conductivity for its use?

5. Which of the following characteristics is not correct about the flower pot made of ceramics?

6. The handle of a cooking Pan is made of plastic. Which reason best explain why it is made of plastics?

7. Which reason best explain why Aluminium is used for making drink cans instead of zinc?

8. Which of the following reason are correct for the classification of materials? I. Material with the different physical states can not be classified together. II. Material with similar physical properties is grouped together. III. The study of materials can be done in a mole systematic way.

9. Which of the following substances has the higher melting point?

10. Which of the following physical properties is suitable for making volleyballs?

11. The table below shows the scale of hardness of 5 different substances.
Hardness Value 1 2 5 7 10
Substance W V X Y Z
The harder the substance, the higher the hardness value. Which statement is not true?

12. Which of the following reason best explain why tungsten is used in a light bulb?

13. A plate is used to prevent the surface of an object from becoming hot. Which substance is least likely to be the choice of the plate?

14. The diagram below shows different materials with the same load placing on it. Which of the following depicts a material with the highest flexibility?

15. Which of the following physical properties best explains why a balloon is filled with helium gas instead of air?

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