8. Transport in Humans

The graph shows the pressure changes in the aorta on the left side of the heart during one cardiac cycle.   At which point does the bicuspid valve open and close?
Open Close

2. The table shows the blood groups of four people and the type of blood is received in transfusion.
Blood group under ABO system Blood type in a transfusion
Which two people are at risk from agglutination?

3. Coronary heart disease is caused by partial occlusion ( blockage ) of the coronary arteries. Which blood flows does the reduce?

4. The diagram shows the pressure changes in the left side of the heart. What is the ratio of the timing of atrial systole to atrial diastole?

5. Which two changes in arteries would affect the blood pressure as stated?
A circular muscle in the wall Lumen size effect in blood pressure
A Contracts Decreases Increases
B Contracts Increases Increases
C Relaxes Decreases Decreases
D Relaxes Increases Increases

6. Which substance will pass from muscle cell into the capillary where the tissue fluid?

7.The arrows on the diagram shows the direction of movement of some of the substance carried in plasma as the enter and leave a capillary. Which two factors cause water to re-enter the capillary the Venous end?  
Plasma water potential Blood pressure in the capillary
A Decreases Decreases
B Decreases Increases
C Decreases Decreases
D Increases Increases
Which two factors cause water to re-enter the capillary at the Venous end?

8. Which statement about the heart is not correct?

9. The diagram represents part of the circulatory system. Which role name is the blood vessels correctly?
Pulmonary artery Hepatic Hepatic vein
A 1 3 4
B 1 4 3
C 2 6 5
D 6 2 5

10. The arrow on the diagram shows the direction of movement of some of the liquid in a capillary. What causes the changes in water potential between point X and Y?

11. During the cardiac cycle, what causes the flaps of the bicuspid valve to close?

12. The diagram represents the circulatory system. Which diagram is correct for an adult human?

13. Both equations, Y and Z, show reactions that take place in red blood cells. Y - Hb +O2 <------> HbO2 Z - CO2 + H2O <------> H2CO3 ( Hb = Haemoglobin )   What is the factor that determines the speed and direction of the reactions?

14. The diagram shows some tissue cells next to the capillary in the body of a human male. What is present in the tissue fluid formed from the plasma?

15. The diagram shows part of the human circulatory system. which blood vessels contain blood with the highest and lowest concentration of urea?
The highest concentration of urea The lowest concentration of urea
A 1 4
B 2 1
C 3 2
D 4 3

16. The graph shows changes in blood pressure as blood flow through the blood vessels of the human circulatory system. Which blood vessels, A, B, C, or D, contain the most elastic tissue in their walls?

17. The diagram shows a group of alveoli and their blood supply. What describes the difference in competition between the blood at X and the blood at Y?
The concentration of chemical in the blood at X compared to the blood at Y
Carbon Dioxide Glucose Oxygen
A less more less
B less the same more
C more more less
D more the same more

18. Which blood transfusion can be carried out safely?
Blood type of donor blood type of recipient
D O blood type of recipient

19. What is transported in solution in the blood plasma of healthy person?

20. The diagram represents part of the human circulatory system, with some blood vessels identified by letters. The table shows a comparison of the carbon dioxide concentration in the identified blood vessels.
number of comparisons higher carbon dioxide concentration lower carbon dioxide concentration
1 X W
2 X Y
3 Z X
4 Z V
Which comparison of carbon dioxide concentration are correct?

21. The diagram shows a capillary and some tissue cell. Which statement about the movement of substance is correct?

22. The diagram shows red blood cells in a capillary near the wall of an alveolus. Which process explains how oxygen passes from the plasma into the red blood cells?

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