MCQ QUIZ – Classification of Living organisms

  1. Whittaker five kingdom classification consists of which kingdoms?

2. Binomial System of Nomenclature of organisms was proposed by whom?

3.  Classifying all organism into two groups coloured and black and white is what type of classification?  

4. A system of classification based on using important features which are shared by as large a group as possible is called -

5. The branch of Science which deals with the form or outward appearance of an organism is called -

6. The branch of Science which deals with the internal structure of organisms is called -

7. The three domain scheme was introduced by Carl Woese in 1978 . It groups organisms into which three domains -

8. According to the three domain scheme proposed by Carl Woese in 1978, organisms are classified into which kingdoms -

9. According to two - kingdom scheme proposed by Linnaeus, which are the two groups in which organisms are divided -

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