MCQ QUIZ – The Characteristics of Living Organisms

  1. All living organisms are capable of -

2. Homo sapiens is the scientific name of Human beings. These two names refer to which groups?

3. The characters common to both plants and animals are -

4. What is the main difference between plants and animals?

5. What is the correct order of the groups in a hierarchy used by Carolus Linnaeus?

6. When Mimosa pudica ( touch- me- not) is touched, its leaves automatically fold up. Which characteristics of living organisms this shows?

7. The Lion can be classified as follows - Class- Mammalia Order - Carnivora Family - Felidae Genus - Panthera Species - leo If the house cat ( Felis domestica)  belongs to the same family as the Lion, what will be the classification?

8. Which characters are common to all living organisms?

9. A group of similar organisms which can freely interbreed to produce a fertile offspring is called -

10. Which organisms are on the borderline between the living and non - living worlds?

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