4. Mass, Weight and Density

1. Which statement concerning the mass of a body is not correct?

2. A spacecraft travels from the Earth on the Moon. At a certain point in the journey, it has zero weight. Why is the weight zero at the point?

3. An object of mass 28 gram and density 3.5 g/c³ is carefully into a measuring cylinder containing 52 cm³ of water What is the final reading on the measuring cylinder?

4. The gravitational field strength on the surface of two planets is shown.
Planet Gravitational field strenghth/N/kg
Mars 3.7
Venus 8.9
Rock has a weight of 46 N on the venus. What is the weight of the rock on Mars?    

5. Which property of an object resists change in the state of rest or motion of the object?

6. Paper is sold in a package labeled 80 g/m². A sheet of this paper of area 10000 cm² has a mass of 80g. The thickness of each sheet is 0.11mm. what is the density of the paper?

7. An astronaut in a space station orbits the earth. When he places his camera at eye level and lets go of it, it stays at his eye level. At the higher at which orbits, the earth's gravitational field strength is 5.0N/kg. Which statement correctly describes the situation?

8. A container is filled with 5 kg of paint. The density of the paint is to 2 g/cm³. What is the volume of the container?

9. Which property of a body resists a change in its state of rest motion?

10. A person of weight 600N at the bottom of a mountain climbs to the top. The gravitational field strength changes from 9.1 N/kg at the top. Eid mast is unchanged as he climbs. What are his mass and his weight at the top of the mountain?
Mass at the top of mountain/kg Weight at the top of mountain/kg
A 61.2 599
B 61.2 600
C 61.3 599
D 61.3 600

11. The diagram shows liquid in a measuring cylinder.   Using the measuring cylinder and showing only the density of the liquid, what can be determined?

12. The diagram shows the change in water level in a measuring cylinder when a stone of mass 120 kg is lowered into the water.   What is the density of stone?

13. In a laboratory on earth, balances show that an object has a mass of 2 kg and a weight of 20N. The same balance and object are then taken to the moon. Are the mass and weight of the object the same, old less than before?  
Mass Weight
A Less Less
B Less Same
C Same Less
D Same Same

14. The diagram shows 4 experiments in which a ball falls from the top of the bottom of the identical sealed glass tube.   In which experiment does a bottle take the shortest time to reach the bottom of the tube?

15. The mass of a body resists changes to its motion. Which property of the body is responsible for this resistance?

16. A hollow rectangular metal block has the dimensions shown. The hole in the middle goes all the way through the block. The density of the metal is 10 g/cm³. What is the mass of the block

17. Which property of a book of metal remains constant when the metal is heated?

18. The diagram shows a single brick of a pile of three bricks. All the bricks are identical. Compare to the single brick, the pile of brick has?

19. An object of weight W is pulled along a rough, horizontal surface by the force P. The force of friction is F. Which diagram correctly shows the directions of this force of the object?

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