11. Measurement and data processing and analysis

1. A mass reading reading is recorded as 0.1862 + 0.0005 g. Which of the following could be the actual value? I 0.1859 g I. 0.1864 g Il. 0.1870 g

2. A substance with a mass of 21.325 g was placed in a graduated cylinder with an initial volume of 10.00 cm^3 and displaced the volume to 27.62 cm^3. A student carried out the following calculation to determine the density. Density g cm^(-3)=(21.325 g)/(27.62-10 cm^(3)) What is the best value the student could report for the density of aluminium?    

3. How many significant figures are there in 1.3672?

4. Density can be calculated by dividing mass by volume. 12.0 (+)/(-) 0.2 g of a metal has a volume of 7.325 (+)/(-) 0.005 cm?. How should its density be recorded using this data?

5. A student recorded the mass of a liquid as 0.236 g. How many significant figures are there in this value?

6. Which experimental procedure would likely lead to a large systematic error?

7. A student performs and experiment to determine the density of a sugar solution. She obtains the following results: 1.71 gcm^-3, 1.73 gcm^-3, 1.67 gcm^-3,  and 1.69 gcm^-3. If the actual density of the sugar solution is 1.40 gcm^-3, which statement below best describes her results

8. What answer should be reported, with the correct number of significant figures, for the following calculation? (433.621-333.9) x 11.900

9. There are .......................significant figures in the answer to the following computation. (249.362 + 41) / 62. 498

10. Round the number 0.12670 to two significant figures.

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